Sandra Miralles is a fashion designer based in Barcelona. Born in a small town near Barcelona, she soon became passionate about design, arts and fashion.

Her work is a combination of opposite poles. Woman's beauty dressed in men's clothes, mighty unisex liaisons, massive buildings versus deep forests, avant garde on top of traditional, perfect imperfections.

She is also often defined by her complex patterns on simple concepts, oversized garments, geometric volumes, technical fabrics, experimental seams and extreme obsession to detail.

Spiritually born in Japan, she soon starts to develop her influences after diving into its 80's black fashion trend. Highly inspired by a mixture of arts, she finds herself immerse in a permanent research within architecture, nature, geometry, styling and photography.

This becomes the foundation of a journey accross trends and styles, old and new, experimentation and disruption.

Having teamed up with Boris Bidjan Saberi, she launches her brand in 2016, establishing her atelier in Barcelona. She launches the first collection of premium tote bags while she works on her ready-to-wear collection.

Eager to anticipate what's next, willing to find what hasn't been yet invented, there she is.